Frequently Asked Questions - Magazine Publishing Schedule

Popular Science will adjust its schedule to bimonthly effective with the Jan/Feb 2016 issue. The number of annual issues will change from 12 to 6, but each issue of the new Popular Science will be bigger and better, featuring more content, exciting themes, and a more valuable reading experience.


Why are you doing this?

The shift to 6 issues a year allows the editors to develop longer feature articles and more in-depth coverage, while covering more immediate daily and weekly news on the magazine's expanded and enhanced website.
Each issue will be bigger and more substantial and will be a collectible product.

Will subscription expire dates change?

No. Subscription expire months will remain as they are.

How many copies will existing subscribers get?

After the January/February issue, current subscribers will get one expanded issue every other month, as opposed to the current schedule of one issue per month. Each expanded issue of the new Popular Science will be like getting "2 issues in one" (also known as a "double issue".) and count as two issues of an existing subscription's term.

How will existing subscribers learn about the change in frequency?

The Jan/Feb 2016 issue will include an insert inside the front cover with a letter from the Editor explaining the change in publishing frequency and the fact that current subscribers will be getting larger, more substantial issues going forward..

How many copies will new subscribers get?

After November 17, 2015, new and renewal subscriptions will be set at a frequency of 6 issues per year.

Will annual subscription prices change?

No. Subscription prices will remain at their current levels.

Can I get a refund if I am unhappy with the new frequency?

Yes, at any time you are entitled to a refund for all unmailed issues on your subscription.

What will the new issues contain?

  • January/February will be the Big Ideas Issue, highlighting the big trends and bold personalities that will shape the year ahead.
  • In the March/April issue, the Body Issue, we will look at how technology is radically transforming our bodies, our minds, and our lives.
  • In the May/June issue, the theme will be Invention. It will highlight the inventors and inventions that stole our hearts this year. Plus, everything an aspiring inventor needs for success.
  • July/August will be the Insane Ideas Issue - The wildest, most far out theories, conspiracies, and all around bizarre notions demystified.
  • September/October will be the Genius Issue , with profiles of the most groundbreaking scientists, technologists, and entrepreneurs working today.
  • November/December will be our Design Issue, with the most beautiful objects in the world and the 29th Annual Best of What's New, celebrating the top tech products of 2016.